July 12, 2016

What is PRISMA App and how to make artwork from my photos?

Prisma is viral application made by dev team from Moscow. It transforms your photos into the artwork.

"From Russia with love"

Prisma is different than Instagram or VSCO filters. It doesn't stack filters over your photo, Prisma is actually using deep learning algorithms to convert user photos into stylized artworks, 20 at the moment and they announced that it will be around 40 in next version.

Whole thing is running in cloud and Prisma's deep learning AI will create 1080x1080px square photo which you can save to phone album or post directly to FB or Instagram.


Prisma app  Prisma AI processing  

Results will vary depending on lighting conditions and your subject. We recommend to use lighter photos and change the strength of the effect by sliding your finger left-right over the photo.

Prisma Mononoke Effect Prisma Heisenberg Effect
Photo by Jolly The Cat

You can see more examples of user's photos on Instagram, following a #prisma hashtag.

If you want to print some photos from #prisma hashtag, you can do that by using our uploader on any photo product (prints or magnets), choose instagram as a source, click on Search and enter prisma:

Print Prisma Photos