Pickup Lines & Other Romantic Disasters


Introducing 'Pickup Lines & Other Romantic Disasters' - the only notebook that understands your love life's bloopers better than any dating app!


With 140 pages of either pristine white or classic lined paper, it's ready for every scribble of your heart's whimsy. Wire-o bindings keep all your misadventures secure, flipping easily as you mull over your next move or laugh at the last. Whether you're a hopeful romantic or just in it for the laughs, 'Pickup Lines & Other Romantic Disasters' is the perfect companion for all your heartfelt hijinks.


So, go ahead, note down those cheesy lines or the epic fail moments - after all, every great love story needs a first draft!


Velvet finish, premium spiral binding, 5.5” x 8.5”, 140 pages

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