Give the Gift of a Photo

A photo is one of the most treasured and personal gift that you can give to someone. The photo will mark that special occasion and moment. It last a lifetime and is the best gift that can be given. Giving a photo isn't as simple as you may think. How many photos do you have on your Instagram? You probably have tons, but don’t know how to take some of those photos and turn them into that special gift. How do you choose which photo to give as a gift?
Tips to Give Photo Gifts:
  1. Choose a photo that you are going to give that has a sentimental meaning. The photo can be of your parents with all their children or you and your best friend laughing at a carnival. The photo can be framed and given to the person. The person getting the photo will treasure the photo.
  2. Make sure the photo has a meaning or fun. You don’t want to give someone a picture of your vacation if they aren’t involved in the vacation. 
  3. When you have selected the perfect photo, then you want the photo to be printed on high resolution photo paper. If you have the photo put onto paper that isn’t high resolution photo paper, then the photo will have no gloss to it and the ink will be uneven and can even ruffle. 
  4. Choose a size that isn't too large. The perfect size photo is 3”x3” or 4”x4”. It is perfect for any wall, desk or shelf. 
  5. Put the photo in an amazing frame. The frame can be any color or style. The perfect frame should represent the person you are giving the photo to. If the person you are giving the photo to is fun and unpredictable, then choose a bright and crazy frame.
  6. Select a company that can retrieve the pictures you want off your Instagram account with ease. There are many companies out there that claim they will get your pictures off Instagram, but they charge you for getting the photo, then they want to charge a high cost for each picture, then they don’t use high resolution photo paper and you can wait weeks to get your pictures. 
Give the gift of a photo. It is the gift that keeps on giving!