July 12, 2016

What is PRISMA App and how to make artwork from my photos?

Prisma is viral application made by dev team from Moscow. It transforms your photos into the artwork. "From Russia with love" Prisma is different than Instagram or VSCO filters. It doesn't stack filters over your photo, Prisma is actually using deep learning algorithms to convert user photos into stylized artworks,... read more
September 28, 2015

Printing Photos for Lucy Darling Memory Book

PRINTING PHOTOS: Below outlines which photos are which sizes within the memory book. Lucy Darling's book have spots for 48 photos total.  The larger photo is a 4x4 size. There are 21 pictures total. +1 Front Photo +1 You arrived  +1 Where you lived +12 Monthly  +5 Birthdays +1 First Day... read more
July 03, 2015

Instagram Magnets and Their Special Purposes

Instagram magnets are the best ways for displaying special moments. Most of the people use these instagram magnets to decorate their homes. There’s a wide range of digital photo printing methods available to print high quality pictures on the magnets. First let us get a clear picture of what the instagram... read more
March 23, 2015

Google warns to print your Instagram photos before it’s too late!

The digital lifestyle has been our way of living for the past several years and no one could ever imagine it changing any time soon. Just think of the millions of music files, movies, videos, photos and documents being shared and stored online. It’s a way to preserve memories and... read more
February 06, 2015

Give the Gift of a Photo

A photo is one of the most treasured and personal gift that you can give to someone. The photo will mark that special occasion and moment. It last a lifetime and is the best gift that can be given. Giving a photo isn't as simple as you may think. How... read more